AD2100, 2-CH, 100 MS/sec PC/104-Plus Digitizer


      The AD2100 features (2) 100 MS/sec, 12-bit analog inputs that can transfer data at high speed using scatter/gather DMA transfer over the PCI bus. The board is designed to be triggered by an external LVTTL input or can be internally generated through software. The AD2100 can also pack multiple triggered segments into memory. For more information see documentation below.


AD2100 Photo

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Software Drivers and Documentation

File Name Description
ad2100_ds.pdf Data Sheet for
AD2100-12-1M-104P-DMA_PreTrig_manual.pdf User Manual for AD2100 with DMA & Pretrigger Drivers for AD2100-12 w/DMA and w/Pretrigger (Windows 98/2000/XP) Win7 (32-Bit) Drivers for AD2100-12 w/DMA and w/Pretrigger. Win7 (64-Bit) Drivers for AD2100-12 w/DMA and w/Pretrigger.

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