DPG11-8M, 11-CH, 2.5 GS/sec Digital Pattern Generator   [ USB Controlled ]


     The DPG11-8M is an 11-CH, 2.5 GS/sec, Digital Pattern Generator. It has a programmable clock source that covers 25 MS/sec to 2.5 GS/sec, 8 MSamples/chan, a programmable segment controller, external / internal triggering, and a 10 MHz reference clock input. See below for the product brief, manual, and software drivers.



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Software Drivers and Documentation

File Name Description
dpg11_ds.pdf Data Sheet for DPG11-8M
dax22000_dax14000_manual.pdf *** Temporary User Manual for DPG11
(Uses same software/manual as DAx22000, DAx14000)
dax22000_user_sw.zip GUI and Drivers for DPG11-8M
(Windows XP/7/8/10)

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