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Welcome to Chase Scientific Company (est. 1987). Today we primarily do Research and Development in areas such as Advanced Computing, Robotics, Security, Automated Food Production, Instrumentation, and Office Automation. Selected technologies developed at Chase are then made available to our clients and/or subsidiaries for further development and product integration.

Some of our recent commercial entries include WavePond®, our new Instrument division, MemesGate® which makes components for Security Networks and User Programmable electronics, and Renaissance Machines which makes advanced robotics for growing food and other maintenance tasks.

Picture of MemesGate Personal Terminal

The new fanless Personal Terminal by MemesGate is designed to provide reliable and 100% secure communications. It uses unbreakable One-Time_Pad (OTP) encryption generated by the user, not some third party. OTP is the only unbreakable encryption technique. This has been well known for more than 100 years.

     The Personal Terminal has a "Voltage Booster" for sagging supplies and SuperCaps to automatically provide a controlled shutdown when power is lost. This allows for a graceful shutdown without corrupting system memory. Also, since the Personal Terminal typically uses less than 2.5 Watts of power, an inexpensive 5V battery can provide days or weeks of operation while the main power grid is out.

==> Advanced Fanless Enclosure Runs at 35 °C   (at CPU chip)

     While other computer manufacturers brag about their fanless enclosures, in reality they tend to get really hot inside, severely reducing life expectancy and causing intermittent behavior. In contrast, the Personal Terminal's CPU rarely goes above 40 °C temperature even when running at 100%. Our enclosure is carved out of a SOLID ALUMINUM BLOCK to an unprecedented level of precision providing a highly efficient "passive" heat sink for the CPU, Memory, and LAN chips.

Recent Activities

MemesGate Universal Terminal replaces Personal Terminal.

WavePond Develops Open Hardware Stack with Real-Time µP, DIO, A/D, D/A, and PWR.

Renaissance Machines Demos Development System for Robotic Arms -- no compiler required.

MemesGate Replaces FPGA & Microprocessor with real-time UPE chips.

MemesGate Develops first OpenSerdes Camera Module.

MemesGate Develops Universal Terminal (a.k.a. MUT).

WavePond Develops Arbitrary Waveform Power Supply.

MemesGate Ships Personal Terminal with OTP Encryption.

WavePond Ships DPG11, 2.5 GSPS, Digital Pattern Generator.

Renaissance Machines Adds Robotic Arms to Food Grow Chambers.

MemesGate Demos Personal Terminals for Private Messaging.

WavePond Develops 5 GSPS, 8-bit OEM Scope with 2.0 GHz BW.

WavePond Develops 250 MS/s, 14-bit OEM Digitizer w/ 550 MHz BW.

MemesGate Develops User Programmable Electronics (UPE).

Renaissance Machines begins development of Automated Grow Chambers.

MemesGate Upgrades Security Nodes with Single-Pad Encryption.

ChaseMinder Previews Universal Application for MemesGate Kiosk.

WavePond adds Software Power Switch to DAx WaveForm Generators.

WavePond Introduces Script API in plain English - no more mystery meat from buggy compilers.

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