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In 2022 WavePond will be introducing new products following the SASS principles of Open Hardware, Open Software, Modular Generic Parts, and User Repairable Modules (i.e. NO BGA's). Products include medium speed Instrumentation (less than 500 MHz) and User Programmable Electronics (UPE)*.

* WavePond's "User Programmable Electronics" uses the same code for both Hardware & Software and does not require any Compilers. All code is actionable in real-time and hardware is created on-the-fly.



As of September 2021 all prior WavePond® products have been discontinued including the DAx14000-16M, DAx42000-16M, DAx12000-8M, DAx22000-8M, and the DAx42500-8M. These cancellations were partly due to the difficulty in getting high performance parts. However, our new company directive to ONLY build products to promote self sufficiency finalized the decision for us.

Legacy Products (reference only - not for sale):  

High Speed Arbitrary Waveform Generators

Interface Docs, SDK Clock Rate Ch Vert Vpp BW Mem/ch
USB Box DAx14000-16M 4.0 GS/sec 1 12-Bits 700 mV 2.0 GHz 16 MEG
USB Box DAx24000-16M** 4.0 GS/sec 2 12-Bits 700 mV 2.0 GHz 16 MEG



2.5 GS/sec



750 mV

1.8 GHz

USB Box DAx22000-8M 2.5 GS/sec 2 12-Bits 750 mV 1.8 GHz 8 MEG
USB Box DAx42500-8M** 2.5 GS/sec 4 12-Bits 750 mV 1.8 GHz 8 MEG

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