MemesGate®  Products          [  MemesGate®  is a division of Chase Scientific.  ]

Security Systems

MemesGate develops and manufactures custom Ultra-Secure Terminals, Hardened Sensor Nodes, Advanced Door & Window locks, Security Shutters, and software to tie it all together. Sensor Nodes include Thermal Imaging, Sound, Temperature, Pressure, Cameras, Accelerometers, Humidity, Light, etc.

All communications between nodes, peripherals, and any MemesGate Universal Terminal (MUT) are secured using OTP encryption generated by the user, not a third party. All features can be controlled and programmed by the user using the ChaseMinder Software in plain English. This allows the user to manually or automatically control anything connected to the network, e.g. MemesGate's Cameras, Door/Window Locks, Security Shutters, etc.

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