MemesGate® Products          [  MemesGate® is a Brand of Chase Scientific.  ]

MemesGate currently develops and manufactures the products below for select OEM customers. Consumer versions should be available starting in 2019.

(1) User Programmable Electronics (UPE).
(2) Workstations for programming UPE devices.
(3) Personal Terminals with Unbreakable Encryption.
(4) Security Controllers and Sensors.

(1)  Our UPE's use a new language called MemesCode to create anything including Hardware Description Language (like VHDL), Sequential Code, Parallel Code, and Script Code. MemesCode runs in real time with nanosecond precision and requires NO Operating System or Compiler. The UPE hardware executes your MemesCode text files DIRECTLY into the action requested. No more binary file mystery meat.

(2)   The Workstations are primarily designed for creating MemesCode driven hardware, e.g. UPE. However, they can optionally include the functionality of the "Personal Terminal" (USA only). This makes it convenient to relay files in a secure fashion.

(3)   MemesGate's Personal Terminals are specifically designed for secure communications with no comprimises. They can be used for interpersonal communications as well as controllers for security systems. Its One Time Pad (OTP) Encryption is the ONLY unbreakable encryption technique. This has been well known for more than 100 years and was first described in 1882 by Frank Miller and patented in 1919 by Gilbert Vernam for the XOR operation.

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