Renaissance Machines™        ( Renaissance Machines is a brand of Chase Scientific )

Advanced Robotics

   Renaissance Machines primarily develops specialized Robotics for next generation Automated Assembly, Automated Grow Chambers, Fabrication, and General Maintenance tasks. All components are modular and designed to be repaired, replaced, maintained, and/or rebuilt by the user.

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Automated Grow Chambers   

   Renaissance Machines will begin releasing designs for Fully Automated Grow Chambers in the near future. If power is lost or unavailable these chambers can still be operated manually. They are fully "Open Hardware" and "Open Software" which means the design information can be used to create chambers for your own personal use OR sell for profit. All design tools and documention has been created with 100% Open Source Software that works with Linux, Windows, and OS X.

The purpose of providing this information is to offer an intelligent alternative to expensive, low grade, corporate / government food.

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