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Automated Grow Chambers

   Renaissance Machines uses our own Robotics to create fully Automated Grow Chambers. Except for the supply of raw materials these chambers will handle all tasks required to grow almost anything. Chambers come in sizes ranging from desktop to full rooms. The larger systems (family of 4) include an innovative combination of Hydroponics and Aquaponics to provide a complete buffet of fruits, vegetables, and proteins (fish, poultry, shrimp, etc.) to live quite well. The quality of the food is much higher than anything you can buy in a store ... and they're available year round.

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Advanced Robotics

   Renaissance Machines currently develops and manufactures Custom Robotics Systems for Automated Assembly, Fabrication, and General Maintenance tasks. All components are modular and designed to be repaired, replaced, maintained, and/or rebuilt by the user.

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