Renaissance Machines      [   Renaissance Machines is a Brand Name of Chase Scientific  ]

    Renaissance Machines designs and manufactures Automated Grow Chambers (food/other), Personal Security Systems, Maintenance/Assembly Robots, and Office Automation tools. All equipment is modular, programmable and serviceable by the user. Consumer products should be available starting in 2019. Inquiries welcome.

    The Grow Chambers come in different sizes and are completely automated. They can grow any plant or tree from seed to fruit without any human intervention. Pollination, if needed, is done artificially. The concept of centralizing food production has finally been rendered obsolete. One person can grow enough food in their garage for a family of 4 all year round including vegetables, fruits, and proteins. Once set up, the system is completely automated. Interfacing can be as simple as voice command or as detailed as writing MemesCode.

    Our Security Systems are based on MemesGate technology which uses unbreakable encryption between all nodes. Any attempt to tamper with a node without your approval will cause it to erase all content long before the enclosure is breached. No information or usable electronics will be left.

    Contact Chase for more information on these and other products such as the Maintenance Robots and Office Automation tools.

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