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   Chase Scientific Company was originally founded as a consulting firm in 1987 which specialized in the design of magnetic / magneto-optical communication channels, servo systems, and HF mixed signal IC's. But Chase also created the first PC-Oscilloscope that year. By 1995 Chase refocused on designing and marketing niche OEM Embedded Instruments before transitioning to pure Research and Development in 2010.

   Starting in 2013 Chase Scientific began investing in startups (e.g. WavePond, MemesGate, Renaissance Machines) which would provide an outlet for some of their skunkworks projects, particularly where current industries appear to be falling behind ... or going in reverse.


Recent History ==>


WavePond, a new instrument division for Chase, starts developing USB and OpenSerdes PC tethered instruments for various "form-factors" including stand-alone, PCI/e, PC/104, and custom. Starting in 2018 WavePond plans to introduce MemesGate Stackable form factors for some of its new instruments.


MemesGate develops and manufactures (1) User Programmable Electronics (UPE), (2) Workstations for programming UPE devices, and (3) Personal Terminals with Unbreakable Encryption*.

2018 ...

Renaissance Machines: RM develops and manufactures consumer products including Automated Grow Chambers, Automated Office Machines, Security Systems, and Application Specific Robotics.

ChaseMinder: Responsible for the core technology behind "ChaseMinder" software that works across most computer systems including those used by Renaissance Machines. It typically includes tools such as Calendar Tasks/Goals, Notes (contacts, reference, diary), Email, Phone, Contacts, Parts Database, Engineering Orders, Accounting, Security Controls, Web Site Maintenance, Reports, Backup Tools, Search Tools, and Custom MemesCode.


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