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   "Chase Scientific Company" was originally founded as a consulting firm in 1987 which specialized in the design of magnetic / magneto-optical communication channels, servo systems, and HF mixed signal IC's. Chase also created the first PC-Oscilloscope that year. By 1995 Chase refocused on designing and marketing niche OEM Embedded Instruments before transitioning to Research and Development in 2010.

   In 2013 Chase Scientific created specific R&D divisions (see below) to develop and promote products that were missing from the marketplace, particularly where current industries appear to be falling behind, going in reverse, or simply do not exist.

   In August of 2023 we changed our official name from "Chase Scientific Company" to "Chase Scientific LLC" in anticipation of a wider audience due to the abrupt transition from industrial instrumentation to consumer products.


Chase Scientific (R&D Divisions):



- Next generation USB/LAN based and Stand-Alone Test Equipment. (Touch Screen, LAN, USB)
- Open Hardware Stack with Real-Time µP, DIO, A/D, D/A, UPE, and Programmable Power.
- User Programmable Electronics (UPE). No compilers, real-time, using pure text in English only .. no binary file mystery meat.


- MemesGate Universal Terminals (MUT) from 2x2 inches to 3x4 feet.
- Encrypted Communications, Security Systems, Locks, and Sensors accessed through MUT.
- OpenSerdes I/O interfaces (radio, light, sound, wired).
- Real AI to replace research personnel.

Renaissance Machines

- Automated Food Grow Chambers (vegetables, fruit, fish).
- Personal Maintenance Robots (gutter cleaner, tree trimmer, etc.).
- Fabrication & Assembly Robotics (PCB assembly, inventory, etc.).
- Personal Security Robotics (property sentry, drones, etc.).

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