DAx24000, 2-CH, 4.0 GS/sec, 12-bit Arbitrary Waveform Generator   [ USB ]


     This product is a combination of (2) DAx14000-16M boards plus a Synchronizer board. It has a FIXED clock source of 4.0 GS/sec, 16 MegaSamples/Chan, a programmable segment controller, external / internal triggering, (2) marker outputs, and a software selectable 10 MHz reference clock input. See below for the product brief, manual, and software drivers.

     These boards can be used independently, each with the own Marker, OR synchronized by using the "Master" Card's (brd#1) triggering controls. To use synchronously the "Slave" Card (brd#2) must have its triggering set exclusively to EXTERNAL.




Software Drivers and Documentation

File Name Description
dax14000_ds.pdf Data Sheet for DAx14000-4M/16M
dax22000_dax14000_manual.pdf User Manual for DAx: 14000, 22000, 12000, 24000, 42500
dax22000_user_sw_x.zip GUI and Drivers for DAx: 14000, 22000, 12000, 24000, 42500
(Windows XP/7/8/10)
dax22000_user_python.zip Example Python Script for Windows.
dax22_linux_user_20220204.zip Linux Drivers (Debian Based Distros ONLY on x86-64 machines)
DAx24000_GUI.pdf GUI Screen Shot.

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